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[Lazarus] gtk2 issue with clicking on ATTabs

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User of ATTabs wrote, I don't know what to do here?

Having a issue with ATTabs on Linux GTk2 (Laz 2.06) When I add a tab from a popup menu from a tvirtualstringtree the close button on the tab does nothing on the first click and on the second click it closes and in the terminal this error pops up:
GLib-GObject-WARNING **: 11:15:36.741: ../glib/gobject/gsignal.c:1206: no emission of signal "button-release-event" to stop for instance '0x208b5b0'
If I right click on the tab and use the popup menu I call to close the tab this error does not occur.
Also if I spawn the tab from a button on a toolbar it closes on the first click but that error still shows in the terminal. I am using the latest version of Attabs as of a day ago.
This does not happen in windows and I have not been able to test in QT5
I am using tactions to add the tab and if I call the action from the tvirtualstringtrees double click event it also closes on the first click, it's only if the addtab is called from the context of a popup menu. I also noticed if I click anywhere on the form that is hosted in the tab then click the close button it closes.


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