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[Lazarus] fppkgPackageManager - paths of configuration files and packages

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I have two versions of FPC on my Linux machine: the latest stable
version installed on the system, and the development version in a
subdirectory of my home directory.
When I login "which fpc" returns the path to the development version in
my home, the other instance is available for all other users when they

If I start fppkgpackagemanager from the menu of Lazarus it shows the
following message and hangs for a while:
Backup of file "/etc/fppkg/default" to file "/etc/fppkg/default.bak"

Regular users can't manage resources used/installed by the system.

/etc requires root access rights to write into it, so Lazarus must be
stated as root to use fppkgpackagemanager. But starting Lazarus as root
by a regular user is not a wise thing and may be annoying.

Configuration files for the currently available FPC instance should be
in an appropriate directory and the additional packages would be better
to be available only for the user who installs them, similar to Lazarus

Péter Gábor
[hidden email]

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