[Lazarus] TRichView (ccr) component and Shareware version of it... any users here?

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[Lazarus] TRichView (ccr) component and Shareware version of it... any users here?

Peter Williams
Hi All,

I have just finished using SVN to check out the Lazarus-ccr from SourceForge. 

I am looking at the RichView component demo:

TRichView Demo and Help Program

(Copyright(c) 1997,98 by Tkachenko S.V.)

    TRichView controls can contain:
    - text with various fonts
    - hypertext
    - pictures
    - pictures from Image Lists
    - any Delphi controls
    First program with TRichView:
    1) at design time create TRVStyle control (RVStyle1)
    2) at design time create TRichView control (RichView1)
    3) at design time in Object Inspector set RichView1.Style := RVStyle1
    5) in FormCreate event handler write: "RichView1.AddFromNewLine('Hello world!', 0); RichView1.Format;"


and at the end it has a Shareware notice as follows:

Shareware version
  The development of freeware version was stopped in 1999.
  This update was made for Delphi 5 and C++Builder 5 compatibility.
  Newer (shareware) version includes editor, data-aware versions, component for print preview, works with Unicode, supports HTML-style tables. Contents can have much more complicated formatting - left, center, right and justify alignments, subscripts/superscripts, paragraph backgrounds and more.
  Literally all actions of free version are performed in much faster and convenient way with shareware version.
  Please visit www.trichview.com for additional information.


Does this shareware notice still apply to this version??? Has (here) anyone used the Shareware version of TRichView compoent???

Best Regards,
Peter / pew

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