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I'm working on the keyboard handling code in the Cocoa widgetset and
I've run into an issue I'm hoping for some guidance on.

TApplication's DoEscapeKey and DoEnterKey are called in response to
LM_KEYUP rather than LM_KEYDOWN.  Cocoa's "invalid key" beep occurs as
part of the keyDown processing though and can not be suppressed until
after keyUp (long story).  The logic in DoReturnKey to actually get to
the "Key := VK_UNKNOWN" line is very complicated, and I don't want to to
repeat all of it in the keyDown handler just to suppress the beep.

Is there a simpler check to do, or can all of those checks be moved into
accessor methods that return ActiveDefaultControl/CancelControl or nil
based on whether they should be activate?

Zoƫ Peterson
Scooter Software

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