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[Lazarus] Strange problem printing from the IDE

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HI all,

Lazarus 2.0.0RC3, via svn from the fixes_2_0 branch, 64-bit Ubuntu 18
LTS. I'm having a strange problem in printing from the IDE (which I
don't do very often) and would be grateful for any ideas.

I have two printers available to me, both H-P devices, a small
monochrome laserjet which is physically connected to my wife's PC via
a USB cable and shared across the network, and an all-in-one type
inkjet which is connected wirelessly to the network.

All applications I have tried (LibreOffice, Adobe Reader, okular,
gedit) will use both printers without a problem  except for Lazarus.
If I try to print to the wireless inkjet, everything is fine. However,
if I try to print to the laser, everything *seems* to be OK from
Lazarus, but nothing prints, and if I look at the print queue on my PC
the job is there, flagged as "processing", but it just sits there
until aborted, blocking the printer from use.

I'm not sure whether this is a Lazarus problem or an Ubuntu problem,
but since it only occurs when trying to print from the Lazarus IDE,
and not from the other four applications, I thought I would ask here


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