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[Lazarus] Sponsored Development: FindFirst with MFT

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we need a unit for Lazarus and Delphi with the procedure FindClose and
the functions FindFirst and FindNext. These routines should have the
same results and parameters lists as in the Lazarus unit 'fileutilh' and
in the Delphi unit 'System.Sysutils'. In contrast to them the new unit
should use the MFT (Master File Table) of NTFS to find files. This is
very much faster than with the fileutilh routines.

There are two Open Source Programs showing how to find files with MFT:


I want to use this new unit in my own programs, but also to donate it as
Open Source Software to the community. For the development and debugging
of this new unit I have a small budget of USD 360  (6 developer hours of
USD 60) as modest contribution.

Regards --
Hans-Georg  J o e p g e n

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