[Lazarus] Raw TBitmap objects vs LCL TBitmap properties inconsistencies

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[Lazarus] Raw TBitmap objects vs LCL TBitmap properties inconsistencies

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Hi Lazarus experts,

I have noticed a number of apparent inconsistencies which make life a
bit complicate if you need to play with visual properties of LCL components.

If you need a different canvas brush, you need to change a button glyph,
or to dynamically change a TImage (just to make a few examples), you
create your TBitmap, and with a simple assignment instruction you pass
it to the component. It works and it's Ok.

But then you're faced with a problem: what to do with the TBimap object
you have created?

Coming from Delphi I had assumed that a TBitmap is not copied on another
one, but just the pointer to the underlying Handle is copied. This means
that you should never free a TBitmap after copying.

But if you use heaptrc you discover that a number of your TBitmaps are
still there after closing all the forms.

On the other hand, in some cases if you FreeAndNil a TBitmap which has
just been copied to an LCL component you get a crash with an AV.

Up to now my solution has been to enable heap trace, let heaptrc tell me
what I need to free, and do it just for those bitmaps.

Is there a better way? i.e. what is the logic behind some LCL components
just taking the pointer of a TBitmap and some to create their own
internal bitmap leaving the original TBitmap untouched?


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