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[Lazarus] Object Inspector, FValueFont and FDefaultValueFont

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Regarding issue :
I improved the property name/value hints in OI.
I had to comment out code that selects FValueFont or FDefaultValueFont.
The relevant code is below.
Q: How to get a font with negated color?
Does it even make sense to tweak it? The hint works OK with the default color now.
I ask in case somebody knows the topic well.

I did not study what Editor.ValueIsStreamed means. It never triggered in my tests.



  procedure DoShow(pt: TPoint); inline;
  //var HintFont: TFont;
    if WidgetSet.GetLCLCapability(lcTransparentWindow)=LCL_CAPABILITY_NO then
      Inc(pt.Y, fPropRow.Height);
{ By Juha :
  FValueFont and FDefaultValueFont are nearly unreadable.
  We should maybe get their negated color as the hint background is black.

    if HintType<>pehValue then
      HintFont := Screen.HintFont
    if fPropRow.Editor.ValueIsStreamed then
      HintFont:=FDefaultValueFont;  }
    FHintManager.ShowHint(ClientToScreen(pt), TheHint, False{, HintFont});
    if FHintManager.CurHintWindow<>nil then
      FHintManager.CurHintWindow.OnMouseLeave := @HintMouseLeave;

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