[Lazarus] ListView duplicates list items?

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[Lazarus] ListView duplicates list items?

Hans-Peter Diettrich
I don't understand the idea behind the current ListView implementation :-(

Actually the ItemList is always created, and IMO also populated. This
would make sense only when the widget is in OwnerData mode, otherwise
the widget will duplicate all items.

It may make sense to manage the items in a local ItemList, but then the
widget should always be in OwnerData mode. OTOH the local ItemList
defeats the use of OwnerData, managed by the application outside the

In any case a redesign is suggested, that allows for true (application)
OwnerData mode, where no items are stored in the control or widget, and
a non-OwnerData mode with items stored in the control *or* in the widget
(but not both).


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