[Lazarus] Lazarus and Lazarus Apps unreliable over Teamviewer

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[Lazarus] Lazarus and Lazarus Apps unreliable over Teamviewer

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Remote client is Teamviewer 13.2.3629 under Win 10 (64), Remote Server
is Teamviewer 13.1.1548H under Raspbian Stretch on a Pi 3B+. Both
machine is set to Keyboard Layot German.

 From the windows machine, I start Lazarus 1.8.4 (FPC 3.0.4, SVN-Rev
58021) on the Pi and open the code editor.
Then I try to type AltGr+.. combination characters like Vertical bar,
Euro-Sign, At-Sign, Backslash, braces and brackets. Sometimes the typed
chars appear in the code editor window, sometimes they don't. Often (not
always) it seems to depend how quick I release the AltGr key.

The same unreliable input behaviour I see with Lazarus generated
executables containing SynEdit components, when I try to type into them.

Similar problem: See thread "Lazarus still not usable with VNC under
Raspbian" and issue 0030544 in the lazarus bugtracker.

--  Joe

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