[Lazarus] LazSerial from OLPM, is it working on Linux?

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[Lazarus] LazSerial from OLPM, is it working on Linux?

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I was under the assumption that LazSerial, which is available from
Online Package Manager in the Lazarus IDE is crossplatform.
But it seems like this is not the case, at least not for Raspbian
Buster as target.

I have worked on porting a project in Windows (Delphi 2007) to
FPC/Lazarus on Windows in order to then move to Linux.

I am using FPC 3.0.4/Lazarus 2.0.8 on Windows and Raspbian Buster.
I have replaced the AsyncPro serial port with LazSerial.

What happens is that after I was done moving from Delphi 2007 to
FPC/Lazarus in Windows 10 I went to my RPi4 installation and used OLPM
to install the LazSerial package there, but it failed!

During the compile of the package the process stops with errors
in lazsynaser.pas:

lazsynaser.pas(252,15) Error: Identifier not found "B500000"
lazsynaser.pas(252,22) Error: Illegal expression
lazsynaser.pas(253,14) Error: Identifier not found "B576000"
lazsynaser.pas(253,21) Error: Illegal expression
... the list continues...

The section of code in the source file generating the errors looks
like this:

  Rates: array[0..MaxRates, 0..1] of cardinal =
    (0, B0),
    (50, B50),
    (75, B75),
      {$IFDEF UNIX}
        ,(500000, B500000), <==ERRORS start here
        (576000, B576000),
        (921600, B921600),
        (1000000, B1000000),
        (1152000, B1152000),
        (1500000, B1500000),
        (2000000, B2000000),
        (2500000, B2500000),
        (3000000, B3000000),
        (3500000, B3500000),
        (4000000, B4000000)

The rates above the first error are defined in termios.inc in the
compiler rtl sources.

So now I wonder if this is a problem with my installation or if it is
not possible to run LazSerial on this platform?

Or is there a problem with LazSerial in connection with the release
version 3.0.4 of FPC?

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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