[Lazarus] LFM form file converter and TListBox.ClickOnSelChange

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[Lazarus] LFM form file converter and TListBox.ClickOnSelChange

Juha Manninen

I rewrote the lfm form file converter code (in Delphi converter).
The old code was copied and modified from codetools CheckLFM function and
contained useless code for this task so it had to be cleaned.

>From a chat long time ago I copied to my ToDo list :
  TListBox should have: ClickOnSelChange = false
Unortunately I forgot who asked for that feature.

Now, from TCustomListBox source:
  property ClickOnSelChange: boolean read FClickOnSelChange
         write FClickOnSelChange default true; // true is Delphi behaviour

If Delphi has "true" there, does it make sense to change it to "false"?
Anybody who has an idea, please comment.

Other form file property manipulations are easier to add now with the new code.
Please make issue reports if you have ideas.


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