[Lazarus] How to deploy fpc/lazarus programs on Linux?

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[Lazarus] How to deploy fpc/lazarus programs on Linux?

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Posting again since I think that by selection of subject was not wise
the fisrt time, using words that might trigger scanners...
My post did not come through.

I am wondering how exactly I should package the program I am
developing for Raspberry Pi so it can be uniformly installed and
uninstalled on Raspberry Pi units...

The program is an Arm binary for RPi3 or Rpi4 type units running
Raspbian Buster.
So I could stuff the binary into /usr/bin I suppose, but it also needs
a config file (below /etc, right?) and some data files which go into a
new directory tree somewhere (where?).
The dir (which needs to be created) shall be populated with some
example files and such.

And this is a pure command line application meant to be run from cron
or possibly as a service. Not sure yet.

On Windows for my previous Delphi applications I used InnoSetup but
that is not valid on Linux of course.

My aim is to get a way to install which will help the production and
service people when we move away from using Windows PC as a platform
for automation.

Needless to say I am not so familiar with everyday use/maintenance of
Linux computers. I have only used RPi boxes for dev work (fpc/lazarus)
and experimentation so far....

Or should I simply write some FPC command line utility to do the job?

Or maybe an install shellscript and put that into a tgz file?

What do people normally do?

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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