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José Mejuto
Hello Lazarus-List,

I'm working in the Lazarus GeckoPort but recently tried to make it
compile and work in Delphi again and I found a strange problem, I know
it is not a problem with Lazarus, but here there are some people with
very good skills in windows programming.

In Lazarus SVN my test code works fine, no problem.

In Delphi 7 everything looks fine except that I have serious focus
problems. I'm loading www.google.com for tests and get focus in the
inputbox for the search, now if I press in a non-gecko object like a
TEdit I get focus in the TEdit but the google inputbox still shows the
caret (as the control does not receive a kill_focus). The problem
becomes more severe if there are more than one gecko in the program.

Does anybody know any difference about how Lazarus handle something
different about passing messages to the controls and/or DLGC codes ?
Any idea would be great, also how to check possible differences,
because all my tries went futile after a week performing tests.

Thank you to everybody.

Best regards,

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