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[Lazarus] FPDoc chms and code examples - second thread

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Oh sorry, I send my message into another thread :(

I opened the topic about short code examples that should be embedded in
the documentation. About the full examples I know.

Also I and Trevor have wrote a readme.txt file for those directories:
The file you can read here:

 > Me personally prefer to place short code snippets into help pages, with
 > some syntax highlight. Also, big code samples can be made as separate
 > (html) files, with detailed description. Same as in Wiki.
 > Pure code examples can be found in lazarus/examples directory, they even
 > have browser, embedded in IDE (create project, browse samples).
 > On Fri, Jan 15, 2021, 10:53 Andrey Sobol via lazarus <
 > [hidden email]> wrote:
 >> Hello,
 >> I see that nobody used to a tag <examples> for creating
documentation lcl,
 >> lazutil. That tag is used only the fpc team.
 >> I have read a documentation and saw rtl .xml`s and so.
 >> I want to create a directory for used examples of code as :
 >> - lazarus/doc/exlcl
 >> - lazarus/doc/exlazutil
 >> and put inside files in notation with dots. For example:
 >> fileutil.findallfiles.pas (I think it will be convenient)
 >> + readme.txt (into those directories)
 >> + wiki descriptions about it.
 >> I have checked it, a html`s works and a chm`s too.
 >> What is yours opinion about it?
 >> And how to create directory, also by patch?
 >> Andrey Sobol.--


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