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I finally decided to tackle something which was on my TODO list for many

From now on we generate daily documentation updates.

They are accessible from this page:


This is not only the FPC documentation as generated from the sources,
but also the total list of units (packages) that FPC distributes.

The former allows you to check the latest docs (useful in case of fixes).

For the latter, there is of course no documentation text, but you do get a list of
all packages and all units that FPC distributes, you can find there all
identifiers and so on. If a package fails to be parsed, it's not included
in the list, so it can happen that a package "disappears"...

The total size of the generated documentation is 1.3 Gb, roughly 280.000
files, so a lot of identifiers.

As side effects of this effort, the fpmake tool now can generate a fpdoc
project, and fpdoc itself has been extended so it can parse all sources in
the packages.

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