[Lazarus] Application.Title and .Scaled automation + logic fix

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[Lazarus] Application.Title and .Scaled automation + logic fix

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Application.Title in project's main unit is updated automatically based on a project title setting.
Unchecking the option "Main unit has Application.Title statement" was originally meant as an alternative in case the automation failed.
The text was misleading. If automation was turned off, the main unit could still have Application.Title statement in case a user decided to add it manually.
Earlier changes in code followed the flawed text and removed the statement always when the option was turned off.

I improved the logic some days ago in r62669 and changed the text to "Update Application.Title statement in main unit".
I also improved the automation. Now the LCL GUI specific options cannot be set for a console program any more. The code tests for LCL dependency and Forms unit in uses section.
This all fixes issue :
among other unreported issues. Similar change was made for Application.Scaled.
I also changed the text for "Application.CreateForm statements" checkbox although I did not change its logic.
Are the texts good?

Project template "Console Application" uses TCustomApplication which has Title which is not set automatically now.
I guess it is OK because the Title is not used anywhere.(?)


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