[Lazarus] All Win 64bit users please (GDB issues)

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[Lazarus] All Win 64bit users please (GDB issues)

Martin Frb
There are currently a few 64 bit issues when it come to debugging. (on
Win 64 bit)

One seems to be that the debug info written by FPC 2.4.2 is unreadable
for GDB 7.2.50. ( http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=19044 )

Since I don't use Win64 myself, I don't feel like searching for which
versions of FPC and GDB actually work together.

But from previous mails it seems there are some versions that do:
- Some versions may do, just out of the box
- Some versions may do, but only if the app is compiled with -WB400000)

Minimum Lazarus Version for all of this is 0.9.29 form middle of
December 2010 (better 0.9.30). Any Lazarus before this has known 64 bit

So to all Win 64 bit users: Please report your experiences.

- Do/Did you have success using gdb, on a 64 bit application (debugging
a 32 bit app under 64 bit, doesn't count)

- Which version of GDB (download url, if not supplied by Lazarus?)
- Which version/revision of FPC ?

If no one has any good combination, then are there any volunteers, for
going through recent fpc trunk / 2.4.3 revisions, and testing them with
gdb under Lazarus?

Thanks for any feedback, and/or contribution


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